Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 98 Part 2

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 98 Part 2

Watching Dumbo with my kid prompted some very serious conversations this weekend. 
"See Dumbo's ears? Those elephants are making fun of Dumbo, because of his ears. He can't control what his ears look like. That's not nice." "Nooo... not nice." "Dumbo is nice and cute, but those other elephants are mean just because of what he looks like." "No nice." "But see Dumbo's mommy? See how much she loves Dumbo?" "Yeah..." Then we got to the point where the little boys tease Dumbo and D piped up, "Dumbo hide his ears!" ".... Dumbo should hide his ears?" "Yeah..." "Well, D, why should Dumbo have to hide his ears? Why shouldn't the other people just be nice to him?" "Oh....." "Dumbo can't control what his ears look like.  Why should he have to hide? Why can't people just be nice to him no matter what he looks like." "Yeah..."  Jeez, y'all. I wasn't prepared for such a deep conversation. 

This deep conversation marks a noticeable turn in Daphne's development. Her memory is getting longer and her reasoning skills are getting better, too.  This ties into where we left off with part 1: Friday.  D's school is closed, I am off work, Ian is not, and I have Anna & Elsa FastPass.  It's been months since I braved a solo day with D at the parks. And this is one of the busiest days of the year for the parks.  Yes, I am insane.

Getting ready that morning I had a serious talk with D. I told her how I'd be flying solo and that it would be very important that she sit in the stroller more and that she not run off from Mommy, etc.  She nodded sagely and promised to be on her best behavior.  I was understandably skeptical.  We picked out a dress to change into at the parks, she surprised me by opting for Cinderella since she never picks it and almost never wants to watch the movie. 

She was on her best behavior for the drive, even eating her breakfast on the go so we could get to Magic Kingdom as early as possible. I let D change into her dress and we hopped on the monorail to begin our Mommy-Daphne adventure.

The park was reasonably not busy (we were there within 15 minutes of open).  We hit the Tomorrowland Speedway first, since that's on D's must list now.

D had to ride the teacups. 

Twice. :-/

Then we headed to Storybook Circus.  D wanted to go on Dumbo. I was on a mission to give Daisy and Donald their Project Thank You gifts.  I told D if we went on Dumbo, then she would have to be a good girl when we went to see Daisy and Donald.  We have an accord.  Dumbo it is. 

We headed over to Pete's Silly Sideshow with fear in my heart after the Goofy fiasco. The lines were miraculously non-existent. In we go....

Daisy is smooth sailing.

Minnie's Frozen!

Minnie's Frozen!

We had a second print for Minnie.  Minnie was hilarious.  Daphne showed off her new Frozen shoes, and when Minnie saw them she "Froze."  Goofy and Donald also had no line. *Gulp* Goofy was up first...

Like it never happened. Goofy is her best dancing partner again. *Phew* Donald finally got his gift, too.

Our first FastPass was Enchanted Tales with Belle. Daphne was a TRIP.  She actually participated in the activities for role selection (clutching my hand, but it was an improvement) and when they asked for anybody else who wanted a role Daphne actually raised her hand!! Not assertively enough, since she didn't get one, but I was impressed.  We went into the library and this time D didn't hesitate to join in the parade with the other kids. She DID try to barge her way to a spot next to Belle but that giant hoop skirt kept getting in her way. Before grabbing her spot in line to meet Belle, she charged over to me for the gift, then she tried to charge Belle AGAIN to give it to her.  Yet again, character attendant to the rescue.

Daphne showed her gift off to the attendant, then she was announced as "Lady Daphne has a gift for Belle." D put on quite the cuteness show for the crowd, and for Belle who was sweet as always.

Peter Pan ride time! (She still shows no interest in actually meeting Peter)

Only 10:30 am and we'd knocked out so much! We'd been there a while, we were hungry, screw it let's eat EARLY.  This ended up being a brilliant idea: the Columbia House was EMPTY, we got our food with no wait, had no trouble finding a table. 

Daphne ATE her food. With minimal encouragement from me. A christmas miracle, to be sure. I even remembered to take her dress off before eating to avoid catastrophic spill situations, but she didn't have any. Wow. Checked the wait times and was astonished to see almost no wait for Tinker Bell. Oh yeah, the parade is going on. Why not?

D went straight for the crayons again. She's obsessed.  

She also had a lot of fun getting pixie dust and making silly faces with Tink. So much fun that the photo attendant thanked us for coming by, because they were a bit of a lull before. That's my kid, never a dull moment.

D ALWAYS has to ride the carousel.  Always.  The new development there is that her feet now touch the footrest. O. M. G. 

Next we encountered our first wait of the day, ironically it was in the FastPass line for Cinderella and Rapunzel. D didn't mind, she made new friends (including this shy girl she kept petting, yes, petting).  The family in front of us was in from out of town and the little girl with them was going on and on about all the questions she couldn't wait to ask Rapunzel. So. Cute. 

Petting shy girls, it's what D does

Petting shy girls, it's what D does

At last we were led into our meeting room and had a huge shock: No Rapunzel.  D rolled with the switch, no problem, but I felt awful for the family that had been so gung-ho for Rapunzel and the other shy little girl who didn't know who Aurora was. I speculated to the family that maybe Rapunzel had gotten all her dresses dirty and she had to go wash them. D tugged my hand gently. Yes, Peanut? "Mommy, Rapunzel in her Tower." Oh... well... good point. O_O

The interaction with Aurora was unintentionally hilarious.  D hugged her then plopped down for a chat. After establishing D's age ^ (2). Aurora asked if D knew patty cake.  D nodded emphatically.  O_o Oh, really?

Sure enough, Aurora did patty cake, and D stared at her with a big grin, but did not participate one little bit.  Cheeky monkey. Aurora kept looking at me like "Help?" and I told her D had zero patty cake experience and had conned her into a free show.  Oh well, at least D remembered her Sleeping Beauty pose.

By the time D got to Twin with Cinderella, she was in fine form.  After the opening hug, Cinderella asked D if she wanted to sit on her lap. D obliged her by literally draping herself completely across Cindy, which made Cindy lose it.

Rella can't even with D

Rella can't even with D

After some snuggles and chit chat, Cinderella let D know she was clearly a professional, and that she was calling her the next time she needed a day off in Princess Fairytale Hall. 

Take a break, girl, I got this!

Take a break, girl, I got this!

After a quick wardrobe change, we took on our final FastPass of the day for the Frozen sisters. Anna was first and D had to let her know that she had those boots at home, too.


Anna noticed that D was covered in glitter and I told her it was from Tinker Bell. "Oh! Does that mean she can fly?? I always wanted to fly..." Well, Anna, you have that reindeer, now. Maybe you could send him to the north pole to train with Santa? "You know, that's an idea, I'll talk to Kristoff about it!"

D is 100% back on Team Elsa right now. She was calling out to Elsa from across the room before we'd even left Anna. Elsa was too fun. She and I laughed the whole time. Right off the bat she commented on D's pixie dust, and I mentioned I'd told Anna she should get Sven some flying training and Elsa immediately hollered across the room, "I'VE BEEN TELLING HER THAT FOR MONTHS!"

Elsa throws some reindeer sass

Elsa throws some reindeer sass

I'd been trying to talk D into doing the Elsa hand pose for weeks, but she always says "Oh no, can't." So I tried one more time when she was posing and she managed to bust out the hand! "D! You did it! You did the hand!" Then she stared down at her hand in wonder. Elsa and I both found that pretty hilarious. 

Definitely the best Elsa meet yet.  By then the fabled crowds were in full effect.  D was asking to see Tiana but that was just not happening, so I decided to call it a day (early, as promised), so we could still enjoy the following day with Daddy at the park. 

Saturday morning D decided to take a break from Princess Dresses and picked out her Yo Gabba Gabba outfit from Lane to wear.  She also wanted to take an Elsa gown for back up, you know, just in case she wanted a wardrobe change later (inevitably...). 

Showing Elsa Tsum the view from the monorail

Showing Elsa Tsum the view from the monorail

D also asked to bring Elsa Tsumtsum with us to show her the park.  It was not as early as our Friday arrival, and the park was DEFINITELY more crowded.  "Mommy, People Moovah?" Phew, we can definitely do that.

While we were on the people mover I noticed Stitch doing meetings in an unusual spot with a very short line. D, let's go meet Stitch! Okay... D was not on her best behavior like she was on Friday. We got close to Stitch... "NOOOOO NO STITCH!" What? You just said you wanted to... then she took off. Across Tomorrowland. With Ian chasing her. Oy. He catches her, she pitches a fit, I took her into the bathroom to freshen up and calm down.  Once she'd settled, I asked her what she wanted to do. "I go see Stitch." You sure? Nod. Ok, then. 

There was zero hesitation or trepidation, D greeted Stitch like her favorite buddy and gave him lots of snuggles. Even the Blueberry (that's what the call the character attendants, named for the blue shirts they wear) said, "Oh my gosh, she loves Stitch so much! How cute is that!"  This has to be one of the most frustrating aspects of toddlerdom- D's ability to go hot and cold at the drop of a hat. It's so hard to keep up with!

Of course, the teacups.  They had a serious line already, but at least it moves quickly.  Ian tried to kill me by spinning the cup too fast. I tried to kill him with my bare hands. Good, clean Disney fun.  We rode a few more rides but the place was WAY more crazy than the day before, so we grabbed some food and opted to stake out a spot to finally see the special Christmas parade.  

D made sure Elsa had a good view, too. 

The parade was a lot of good fun and D got to wave to all her Disney friends. After that I thought it would be a good time to do the "Treehouse" since D had been asking to go for days. THERE WAS A LINE. FOR THE TREEHOUSE. Holy moly. We waited and walked through the treehouse but we took that as a sign to call it a day. 

The rest of the week we took it relatively easy.  Or at least, D did.  Grandma Kadi came to visit Monday night and gave us a date night. Of course we went to Disney, because we were crazy (but also because a friend had given us wild card fastpasses that expired at the end of the year).  We FINALLY rode the new mine train (twice) and got to see Holiday Wishes and Celebrate the season. D got to watch as much Yo Gabba Gabba as she wanted. Win-win. 

That brings us to the end of Part 2. Next week we'll ring in the New Year. 

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 99

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 99