Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 49

True story: this week's peanut is brought to you late, because I've been so busy I honestly hadn't even realized it was Wednesday. Ugh.

Saturday we took Daphne to the Central Florida Highland Games for the second time.  Despite her recent mood "inconsistencies," she was remarkably awesome the whole day.  It may have had something to do with the kettle corn she was able to shove into her face, or the sheep dog exhibits, or the shepherd's pie, or the family doting on her, or seeing her bestie Audrey... but she managed to hold on to her good mood right up until the last 1/4 of our walk to the car.  Then she was done.  

She displayed some remarkable language skills through the day, taking a stab at a bunch of new names, including Katy & Audrey! She rolled down the hill with kids.  Daphne also showed us another one of her territorial displays (check out last week's peanut at Epcot).  Two sweet little girls were apparently occupying the spot on the hill that D wanted, so she kept circling them like a shark, trying to get them to move.  The girls, bless them, reached out to give her hugs or high fives and tried to play with her, but no... she just wanted them to move so she could bogart their real estate.  

Sunday was a nice low-key family day.  We went to check out the Azalea Park playground for the first time.  All the wood make me paranoid about splinters, but the layout was great for kids of different sizes and development levels and we all had a blast.  D tried one of the big kid swings and pumped her legs/ chest a little bit, even managed a flawless dismount! Have I mentioned that my kid is fearless? The biggest slide at the park was a swirly one that started out about 10 ft plus high, she needed up getting there but then she had no problem going down it all alone OVER and over and over.  Daphne also tried out her first tire swing and played on the big plastic drums.  

We also had a (belated) Christmas miracle Sunday afternoon! D let me put a barrette in her hair and then LEFT IT IN for almost 30 minutes!! I even got pictures!!!

Daphne's school and most of the rest of the modern world consideres MLK Day a holiday.  Ian's and my work? Not so much.  So Grandma Kadi came to spend the day with the peanut.  D was thrilled to spend the day in her PJs.  That evening while getting ready for dinner, D grabbed her pants and pulled them down around her knees.  I asked her what was wrong and then she started to waddle around with them around her knees.  My mother and I, of course, laughed.  So she spent the rest of the evening dropping her pants and trotting around the house.  Check out the video evidence and you'll also see one of my other favorite new developments: rather than the screaming NOOOOOO I am now getting "nunuhno."  Which never fails to crack me up.  "Nuhnuhnoh mummy."  

After that great weekend? D has been a jerk the last two days.  Ah well.  Can't win 'em all.  

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