Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 29

I'm thinking D finally managed to get that molar out, because this weekend she was comparatively a ray of sunshine. 

Friday was picture day at "school," but the proofs aren't back yet so you are just going to have to wait until next week's issue to see what she wore.


Saturday I had to work in the morning, but Grandpa Bobo came to visit.  We all went to have a late lunch together at Johnny's Fillin' Station.  D shared my zucchini fries and got her very own order of chicken nuggets.  She proceeded to hoard them like a chipmunk.  She's learned to pick up multiple items by tucking things under her chin (with limited success).  Daphne also managed to suck (a little) water up through the straw.   

We drove around Sunday morning, thinking we'd branch out and try something new for brunch.  Still ended up at the Cask & Larder.  D was a bit wily over the course of the  meal (she always is at C&L for some reason), but she was mostly taken with staring out the window.  I was trying to get a picture of her, and she kept leaning forward to tackle me.  "D, would you please sit over on the windowsill and pose for pictures for me, little fashion model?"  She cocked her head at me, plopped down on the sill and POSED for these two pictures, I kid you not.  She then demanded I show them to her on the phone.  Kid, you're going to have to establish yourself a bit more in the industry before you get proof approval. Hmph.

Sunday evening we were all super excited to go to Oblivion Taproom's Great Hall Feast in honor of Harry Potter.  D donned her deathly hallows tee, I grabbed my Slytherin tee and Hedwig, and we headed out.  Since Ian and I have already been sorted (at Pottermore) into Slytherin house, we let D get sorted.  Slytherin, of course! Way to uphold the family tradition, peanut! 


My fiercely independent peanut is making great strides with the spoon.  Every morning this weekend, she shared Ian's oatmeal for breakfast.  In fact Saturday morning my phone was bombarded with a barrage of photos and videos of Daphne & Daddy's Oatmeal Adventures. 

A friend recently suggested that it was never too early to start the potty training process.  Since Amazon Mom was running another sale, I got a cute little frog training potty for about $7.  The suggestion for how to start the training process was to keep the training potty in the bathroom, and while the bath is getting ready, place the kid on the toilet and just let her sit there for a few minutes whether she used it or not.  Friday night I unwrapped the toilet and put it into position.  I ran the bathwater and brought D into the bathroom.  I showed her the toilet and told her what it was for, stripped her down, and plopped her onto the frog.  She laughed at me and tried to stand up. "No, Peanut, sit.  Peepee on potty." She tried to stand again, I plopped her back down.  She grabbed on to the front of the seat and PEEPEE IN THE POTTY. We clapped and cheered.  She smiled.  This same behavior has repeated with potty success every night since.  I even gave it a try Monday morning after breakfast before getting changed out of her PJs and she did, indeed, go peepee.  Last night I actually thought we'd break the streak, since I could tell she'd peed pretty recently before bathtime, but I put her on the frog anyway.  Sure enough, she put her back into it and managed to produce some pee (only a few drops, but...), showing me she definitely knows what my expectation is when I place her on that potty.  Way to go, kid. 

We had a most excellent visit Tuesday night from our canadian friends, the Banks (including Daphne's betrothed). Daphne kept stealing Ryan's shoes and sippy cup. Ryan gave her hugs.  Daphne felt up Ryan's thigh on the couch.  It was pretty great. Check the pics if you don't believe me.  

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