Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.


Next Friday will mark the first birthday of MinkFlamingos! To think it was only a year ago that I was clutching a screaming newborn to my chest, muttering and grumbling about how I'd been lied to my whole life and GOSHDARNIT somebody needs to start telling the truth about babies! I started this blog to give myself an outlet for my thoughts; I never expected to reach as many people as I did.  I've had almost 4,000 unique visitors and almost 10,000 page views since launching on 9/27/12.   

While I'm thrilled to continue letting this be a resource for people who want to watch the real journey of raising a kid, and occasionally let myself have some nerdy bitchfests, I look at what my friend Katy does with her blogs, and I wonder if I shouldn't do more? 

A few months ago, i saw Katy start posting about how excited she was to present at FLBlogCon2013 again and be a part of the planning committee.  Here I am with my little blog that I wonder if only my family reads (although the numbers tell me otherwise), what business do I have calling myself a blogger? Screw it.  I purchased a pass and kind of forgot about the whole thing until....

Oh crap-on-toast.  It's tomorrow.

Twitter is A-sploding with bloggers hash-tagging and connecting with one another.  I know I won't be the only person there without a lot of familiar faces (I'll have two, looking forward to talking Disney with MomJovi).  While I certainly don't consider myself a wallflower, the real fear going into this conference is "Ughh... What if I have nothing in common with any of these people?"  It's the fear that's plagued me since junior high, when I was reading 1200 page historic novels while everybody else was listening to the Spice Girls.  At least I'll be on home turf (the con is being held at Full Sail, the place that pays my bills), so I can always strike up conversations about the facilities.  Nothing creepy about "Hey gurl, wanna come see my soundstage?" right??

There's another tiny little fear: I'll be away from my daughter for the WHOOOOLE day.  This happens frequently with day care, but this will be the first time I'll be saddling her this long with the hubby.  I know he's capable, I'm not worried about him harming her, but the worry I have anytime I leave my child alone with ANYONE is that she will drive them nucking futs.  Daphne has me TRAINED to know all her little expressions and nuances, to anticipate all her needs, to know where every diaper and toy likes to hide when it's out of sight.  I'm hoping Ian can just strap her into the new Burley Solo bike trailer (that I snatched off the floor of Once Upon a Child before they even had a chance to tag it) and go for a ride.  I'm also hoping he'll drag her down to Full Sail to share lunch with me and give me a fix.  

I think the title of this blog post is going to end up being misleading: I don't think I'm actually scared.  A little nervous, maybe.  Mostly excited.  Wondering what I'm going to wear.  Hoping I'll have people to talk to.  Desperately wishing I'm not just that creeper in black (I don't know what I'm wearing yet, I'm just playing the odds with my closet) with the Nikon strapped around my neck, taking pictures of people she doesn't know.   

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