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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 31

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 31

Daphne has survived the first week of the antibiotic extravaganza.  As warned, it's looking worse before it looks better.  At least it's not swelling, but the incision does still look ugly.  Luckily we've got a follow up with Dr. Jordan really soon so he can make me feel better that everything is going the way it should.  Daphne is indeed displaying an orange tint to all her bodily functions.   

This weekend we went to a friend's 1-year-old's birthday party down at Downey Park at the Splash Pad.  Daphne also hit the playground for the first time and enjoyed her first ever slides and swings! She was pretty into it. What she wasn't into? The splash pad.  At all.  I think she might have gotten sunscreen in her eyes or something, because she was just not having it from the moment we got to the water.   

We discovered something pretty darn funny while having our evening Gabba episode watching.  During the Sleep episode, the Gabba gang sings the "nap time" song.  Daphne, out of nowhere and with no other motivation, burst into big, sad, pouty-lipped tears.  It took us a while to figure out that, for whatever reason, it was the song making her feel that way.  We tried to get it on video (you know, because we are awful parents who get a huge laugh out of our child's emotional distress).  She never reacted quite as much to it, but here is some toned-down and still adorable sadness from Daphne. Try not to mind Ian and I singing along. 

Sunday night we had our weekly trip to Oblivion.  Daphne was in rare form while we waited for our food.  Silly kid. 

Had some distressing news Tuesday night.  The glorious Dr. Trout? Apparently she's leaving our pediatrician's office.  I don't know where she's going.  Do I try calling this cell number she gave me to find out where she's going, see if we can follow? Maybe she's moving across town, which would defeat the purpose of having a doctor nearby.... Still bummed.  

Oh I almost forgot! (ok, I did come back and edit this after the original posting).  Daphne is a beast.  Seriously.  Ian and I have been trying to work out every night, so our dumbbells tend to end up lying around the living room.  Daphne started out trying to move Ian's 20 lb and we know that wasn't happening since that is what she weighs, but watch her tackle my 5lb dumbbells! 



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