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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 30

Over the course of the week, Daphne's incision for her biopsy started looking uglier.  We decided to go in to open hours at the pediatrician to find out if we needed to do anything else over the weekend (we already had appointments set with the Infectious Disease doctor and surgeon for Monday and Tuesday).  By a stroke of luck, our favorite Dr Trout was working.  I was reminded yet again why she is the best, since she walked in and had already gotten herself completely up to speed on the saga of Daphne's lump, even going so far as to have spoken personally to both the surgeon and the ID doc just two days before.  She was also the first person to really explain to me everything that was going on and what a "microbacterium" infection really meant.  The fun news? This type of infection is going to keep draining for a long time.  D's incision won't be closing up for a while because the infection will need to drain.   

We kicked off our weekend with an impromptu trip to Sea World. We hadn't been since D's birthday, and she's changed so much these 2 months, we anticipated a very different experience.  We weren't wrong. 

We kicked off our day with the Pets Ahoy! show.  The lights went down and with the first dog to dart across the stage, Daphne exhibited her first new behavior: pointing.  She pointed at every doggy on the stage.  Doggy also appears to be her only word.  After a long break of no words and just babbling, she's picked back up with "doggy."  However, she uses it to refer to everything she considers family: the dogs, Ian and myself, the tortoises.  Daphne also LOVES fish and fish tanks.  Point! Point! Point! Fishies! 

We took a trip back to the happy harbor and gave D a chance to model her new bathing suit.  Each trip has been so different! The first time, she was fearless and playful.  The 2nd time, she was terrified and wanted nothing to do with anybody.  This time? I don't know how to describe it other than... thoughtful? She's SO conscious of everyone around her and cautious.  She waited for a while before playing in the sprinklers but she was always very aware of all the kids around her.  Anytime one would come charging through and have the audacity to knock into her, she would look absolutely HORRIFIED at their manners (and I would laugh).  

We made our weekly trips to Oblivion Taproom and the Cask & Larder.  Daphne has become obsessed with the idea of phone calls.  I say the idea, because she will pick up anything remotely phone shaped and walk around with it held to her hear, babbling and gesticulating wildly. 

Monday was our checkup with the infectious disease doc.  Daphne's lymph node is infected with Mycobacterium Avium.  The best course would have been to have the node removed, but Dr. Miller had said it was too closely entwined with some blood vessels.  Our new course of action? Antibiotics.  FOR. EV. ER. According to Dr. Jordan (ID), it will probably take at least 6 weeks before the infection really starts to wane, with it not really clearing up for anywhere from 3 to 6 months.  I asked him if it would go away on its own, and he said it would but would take more than a year.  How did this happen? No way of knowing.  Dr. Jordan says she could have breathed the spores, or encountered it somewhere in the environment, any number of possibilities.  

at the dr's office

at the dr's office

If there was any doubt, we're definitely going to meet our health insurance deductible for this year.  How on earth do people without health insurance do this stuff? 



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