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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 25

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 25

Daphne has had a very interesting week, developmentally speaking.  After THIS FASCINATING DEVELOPMENT, she pulled another fast one on us Tuesday morning.  I lay out Daphne's outfit on her changing table/desk before I go wake her up in the morning so I have everything in order and ready to go.  Sometimes Daphne will reach up and grab pieces of her outfit off the table, then walk around waving it at me, the dogs, etc.  Daphne has been pretty obsessed with her newest pair of silver sneakers, so I wasn't surprised when she went and grabbed them this morning and walked off with them.  (I've mentioned in the past how both my daughter and our red-headed stepchild have a bit of a thing for walking around with shoes).  Daphne disappeared into the kitchen with the shoes while I finished packing up her bag for day care. When she came back, the shoes were gone and she looked really proud of herself.  We (Ian and I) keep all of our shoes on a shelf over by the front door, it's an area Daphne is usually blocked off from by baby gates and isn't even visible to her unless she goes past our kitchen.  I grabbed Daphne's hand and took her to find her shoes.  There, neatly placed right in front of our shelf with all our grown-up shoes, are Daphne's shoes.  She looked up at me as if to say "Silly Mommy, that's where the shoes go."  This time there was no laughter from Ian or myself, just wide-eyed panic that our child will be able to outsmart us in short order.

I joined a photography group on facebook that some coworkers started; it gives us weekly "photography" assignments.  This past week the assignment was "feet," so D and I had some fun with that one.  

We had a super fun weekend full of "family" time.  Saturday we decided to take our very first (at least in many many years) family trip to the dog park (Fleet Peeples, the best dog park in the history of dog parks).  We underestimated the challenge of keeping an eye on two dogs and a toddler, but eventually we seemed to get the hang of it.  Fiona still has a tendency to want to wander off on her own (no!), but Jackson (red-headed stepchild) seemed to just want to take turns running back and forth between Ian (following Fiona) and me (following Daphne). Daphne had a BALL.  She definitely loves dogs, even if she seemed to get a little overwhelmed by the giant black pit bull who came charging out of the lake to plant a huge wet kiss on her face.  We took a nice long walk on the nature trail (D walked the whole way! Such a trouper!).  She may have stumbled a few times, but she kept a great attitude, even let me show her how to dust her dirty hands off on her jeans. 

After a nice nap, we ventured out to the Geek Easy at A Comic Shop.  Ian has acquired them as a customer now, so patronizing seemed like the thing to do.  I'm really excited to take D back there when she's a little older to play HARRY POTTER CLUE (OMG). Daphne was not on her best behavior, tossing menus around and SCREAMING for no reason.  Screaming seems to be her new favorite means of communication; she does it even if she's not mad.   

Saturday night I made D her first ever couch fort using a sheet and her chairs.  She giggled and screamed crawling back and forth through her tunnel.   


Sunday we had our Sweet Tomatoes breakfast.  D turned 13 months old and I didn't even realize it (mother of the year).  We went shopping at Best Buy (and made some hilarious Vine videos, follow me on there if you want to stay abreast of D's antics) and Costco.  There I took my new favorite picture of my kid.  She kills me. 


We went to dinner at Oblivion Taproom.  We had to take D outside to calm down no less than 2 times.  It used to be we could walk her around the restaurant and let her look at things, but now she HAS TO walk herself, no hand holding, she'll try to march up to strangers and other such things she's not supposed to do, and if I try to get her to hold my hand she will SCREAM, yank her hand back, plop down on the ground and refuse to walk.  Not cool, kid.   


This kid is so fiercely independent already.  I know in the long term that this is a good thing: she will be a leader and not easily swayed by peer pressure, etc.  Right now? It's making me a little nuts.  Did I mention she's biting at preschool? The teachers aren't making a big issue of it and are working on correcting the behavior, but she doesn't do it at home so I'm not sure how to help.  According to the teacher, she separates Daphne from the kid that's upset her and says "No, Daphne, no biting."  Then Daphne promptly marches right back up to the kid that pissed her off to continue to express her displeasure.  Oh man, not being able to let it go? Where does she get that? .....



The Weekly Peanut, Issue 26

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 26

You'll have to take my word on it...

You'll have to take my word on it...