Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 28


I get sent home a lot of "art" from day care.  Admittedly, most of it just reminds me of this, only less sophisticated.  I felt like this family portrait that came home with Daphne last week was worth devoting a prime piece of refrigerator real estate. You can't really tell, but there's some really artistic use of yellow for Mommy.  I'm the only one who got yellow.

Friday we met up with friends for an early dinner at (you guessed it) Oblivion Taproom.  It was an adventure, trying to keep two babies entertained while feeding ourselves, but we made it work! We even ran into a TON of other friends unplanned.    

D's Outfit of Choice

D's Outfit of Choice

Saturday we got a visit from Ian's cousin.  I let Daphne pick her own outfit, then we ventured out to the Ravenous Pig (always a challenge, no high chairs!).  Daphne was acting up and Ian took her for a "time out" outside.  This kid is getting REALLY good at understanding us when we talk (when she wants to anyway), and after the "talk" outside, she was on her best behavior for the rest of lunch.  


Sunday at Sweet Tomatoes D insisted on using a spoon for her food.  Sort of. 

Sunday night Daphne had her first ever pizza.  She LOVED it.  Even with the broccoli, and spinach on top.  She followed me around begging for more pieces as soon as she was done shoveling whatever was in her hand into her mouth.  

first pizza! 

first pizza! 

In other news teething for molars is a WHOLE NEW BALL GAME.  I felt like we had a decent hold on getting through the teeth issue but she is drooling like a rabid raccoon, ALWAYS cranky, and frequently refusing to eat (particularly at day care).  UGH.  

Now to brag about a development that most non-parents with have an eyeroll over, but for us this was MONUMENTOUS!  Tuesday night, Daphne completed the ring stacker for the first time! She was struggling at first, and normally when I try to show her how to put the ring on the stand she will get frustrated and throw it away.  This time she stuck with it and voila! Then she had to do it OVER and over, giving herself a round of applause every time.  Way to go, kid! 


Tuesday also had one other interesting development: Daphne took off her own diaper. Twice.  I'm not sure if it was a faulty diaper, all I know is one minute she's playing on her chair, the next I'm looking at a naked baby butt catching some breeze.  Thirty minutes later I'm in the kitchen and a bottomless kid comes waddling over to greet me.  I dove on her, laid her down, then as I grabbed the diaper (YOU GUESSED IT) PEEEEEEEEEEEE EVERYWHERE except the diaper.  Blech.  

Finally, an unplanned but very significant development: Daphne has stopped nursing.  I'd planned to wean her anyway over the next couple of months and be done by October-ish, but a few nights ago, D refused to nurse.  Then she refused the next day and the next.  I will admit to having mixed feelings.  While I certainly did not mourn the end of pumping, nursing time was a special quiet bonding time with my daughter, and I will miss it.  I will be envious of my friends who still get to have those special snuggles before bedtime, but my fiercely independent little lady clearly showed me she would not be one of those kids. Of course, last night while she was cranky she started yanking on my shirt, trying to get at the goods, TOO LATE KID, OL' FAITHFUL IS ALL DRIED UP! 


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