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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 46- Happy Frackin' New Year

It's crazy, but it seems as if overnight this kid is having something akin to conversations with us.  I cite the following from Tuesday morning:
    Me: Alright, Peanut, go in and give Daddy kisses before we leave for school.
    [Daphne goes into our bedroom and approaches Ian's side of the bed.]
    Ian: Good Morning, Daphne! Can I have a hug?
    Daphne: Hi, Dada! [She hugs Ian]
    Ian: And a kiss?
    Daphne: [gives a kiss and YELLS] MWAAAAAAAHHHHHH
    Ian: Ok, Daphne, I love you, have a good day at school!
    Daphne: Thank you, Dada. Bye Bye Dada.
    [D waves as she walks out and Ian and I stare at each other, dumbfounded]

Who is this kid??


The Gabba Obsession has not waned, although she knows Brobee [Buhbee] and Foofa (she says this just fine)  by name.  She loves to "go crazy" during all the dance parties. Even if she's sitting in a high chair at dinner while watching an episode (don't judge me, sometimes we need to have an adult conversation for 5 minutes that doesn't involve a battle of wills with my tiny diva).  

Back to School to prove to Daddy that she's not a fool...

Back to School to prove to Daddy that she's not a fool...

Daphne is also into ELMO.  This must have happened at school, because we don't do too much Sesame Street at home.  We have a Sesame Street activity book in her room, and she marched over, pointed, and yelled "EH-MUHHHH." Huh? "Ehlmuhhhh."  O_O  One of her Christmas presents from her Aunt Shelley was a tiny Elmo that she just loves to carry around all over the place.  

There's my glorious segway into the Christmas recap.  Christmas day, while very busy for me as I Cooked (capitalized not because Meth was involved, but because that much food crafting was involved), was a fun and low-key pajama party for D.  We opened our presents and stockings in the morning.  D's favorites included some washable crayons (thank you, Santa) and a Yo Gabba Gabba Superhero backpack for school (which she frequently insists on wearing around the house).  

Not Daphne's Gooble

Not Daphne's Gooble

Our friends started arriving right when D was waking up from her nap, which was when Daphne started showing a definite preference toward a present from the morning: Gooble.  Have I mentioned before how Daphne is most interested in things that don't belong to her (cell phones, remotes, etc.)? I call it OPP syndrome.  Well, Gooble is Ian's favorite YGG character, so I *cough* Santa got him a Gooble for his stocking.  Since, that day, D and Gooble are almost inseparable: she carts him around and hugs him all the time (he and Elmo are in competition for most Beloved).  

Christmas with Ian's family was delayed until Sunday, so D got one more chance to rock her awesome Xmas fashions (Ian said she looked like a disco reindeer :P).  After having a few Diva days, she was on her best behavior (thank heavens).  We're working on weaning her off the Paci in the car, but the Kindle filled with YGG kept her happy (along with the occasional Gooble snuggle).  She ate FOUR corn on the cobs and had a blast playing with her family. 

Daphne has shown a knack for finding change. Everywhere. (Better than putting it in her mouth, I suppose).  So it had been on my to-do list for a while to get her a piggy bank, so she'd have somewhere to put her found treasures.

I created a monster.

I picked up a cute little owl bank at Target and showed it to peanut when we got home.  I took a couple of pennies off the dresser and put them into the bank, then let her try.  Cue obsession.  I had to start grabbing handfuls of change and scattering them around the living room.  When those ran out, she saw me grabbing from Ian's stash on his bedside table, so now she will grab our hands and drag us in there and whine at the money until we give her some.  

It's like she knows that money means shoes already....

Wondering how D rang in the new year? The same as last: sleeping.  bedtime gets pushed past 8pm at our peril. No, thank you. Don't forget to check out the 2013 recap edition of MinkFlamingos!

I'm having difficulty grasping that by the time I get around to writing the next WP, D will be past the 18 month mark.  I'm also debating if I'll do some sort of 2013 recap, so keep your eyes peeled (grosses phrase ever, BTW) in the coming days.  Happy New Year, everybody. 




The Weekly Peanut, Issue 47

Out with the old, in with the 2014

Out with the old, in with the 2014