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The Weekly Peanut, Issue 45- MERRY XMAS EVE, Y'ALL

This peanut is coming to you a night early, because I'm going to be very busy tomorrow COOKING MY BRAINS OUT.  

While there's still no doubt in my mind that I have given birth to a total drama queen, this week was a noticeable improvement over the last.  Probably because the husband and I were just too exhausted to try and lay down the law and allowed Daphne to be a TV tyrant, watching Yo Gabba Gabba every waking moment.  Question my parenting if you must, but sometimes you just need a break from the whining.  Plus it's not like she's (only) sitting there catatonic.  In fact this week she really started interacting with the show! She gets up and does dancey-dance time, she plays the interactive games, it's pretty fun to watch...

Daphne's language skills also have been taking some pretty amazing leaps.  She tries to repeat (with alarming success) most of the thing that we say.  Please and Thank You are welcome additions to her vocabulary.  She also knows ELMO! Although she's also calling most of the YGG characters Elmo... *shrug*

Saturday was a very full day, kicked off with a visit from some of Ian's cousins who hadn't had a chance to meet D yet.  Saturday afternoon was Santaland at my work (quick aside: I work at Full Sail University.  Every year the owners/head honchos pool their money to put on Santaland for the families of its employees.  I register my kid, and there's a personalized gift waiting for her from Santa. It is pretty awesome.) After last week's santa debacle, I wanted a second crack at it.  SURELY, if mommy is there to keep her calm and happy, we can get a sweet smiling Santa picture, right?

trying her first corn dog in line for Santa

trying her first corn dog in line for Santa

Oh, the arrogance.  As my friend Katy would say, ME FRICKIN' CULPA. 

We waited in line (yes I bribed my kid with cookies and YGG on my cell phone), then we wandered into the closed off room to have our private Santa session.  We took 2 steps into the room, Daphne got one look at Santa... cue the screams.  What. The. Hell. A friend and coworker was taking the pictures inside, and we all had a good laugh at the situation, but I think it's safe to say no Happy Santa pics for next year's Xmas card.  


An exotic animal rescue was set up outside, much to D's delight.  Daphne Doolittle is quite taken with making animal sounds (when she sees a "birdie" she will say "twee! twee!"  This also applied to a low-flying airplane we saw Monday).  Daphne loved to follow around the giant Sulcatta tortoise.  When other people would walk up to it she would point and babble, almost as if she was saying "Oh this? This is nothing. I have two at home."  


We braved dinner at the Cask & Larder with her.  I had the kindle fully loaded with YGG, and we survived! We even made it home in time for normal bedtime.  PARENTING LIKE A BOSS. 

YGG at C&L

YGG at C&L

Daphne was so energized (read: coked up on sugar from dessert) she wanted to open her present from Full Sail Santa.  And she did! We didn't have to show her what to do at all, she went TO TOWN.  Of course, since then, we've had to watch her like a hawk around the gifts that are under the tree (I may or may  not have had to rewrap some gifts at this point).  

Sunday morning we helped Daddy do some holiday shopping.  We still have a giant Barnes & Noble nearby, and it breaks my heart a little to think that giant book stores might not exist by the time D is old enough to be an avid reader.  I used to get lost for hours in the Library Ltd in Clayton, Missouri.  Daphne also got a visit form "Aunt" Crystal & Mike from Texas, before my mom came to take D for the night so we could go to Full Sail's grown-up party.  My kid is SERIOUSLY into her grandma Kadi.  I think my mom is the first person other than Ian and I that she takes ZERO time to warm up to.  The moment my mom stuck her (antler-wearing) head through our front door, D's whole face lit up.  Maybe she's slipping D sugar when I'm not looking...

Next week will be a more official Xmas recap, since we plan to open our gifts in the morning, then I'm cooking all day and inviting some other friends without local family to spend the day with us.  



Out with the old, in with the 2014

Out with the old, in with the 2014

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 44