Raising a kid and going to WDW. A lot.

The Weekly Peanut, Issue 44

I am never NEVER allowed, not even in passing and very quietly in the corner of my brain, to think "You know... this isn't so bad, totally mangeable." 


Last time I'd checked, my sweet, snuggly kid had managed to push out a ton of teeth with a minimal amount of drama and I DARED to think to myself, "Sure, it's not fun, but it's totally manageable."  


My kid has been a consummate turd for 2 days in a row, including this morning.  Especially to my dear, sweet husband, who had the audacity to ask for something as outrageous as a hug.  She pitched a fit over having to wear a shoe on her right foot this morning.  Just the shoe, just the right foot.  She's screaming at her classmates if she has to share anything with them. She screams at me if we dare to watch anything other than Yo Gabba Gabba (there's been a lot of screaming, there's only so much YGG I can handle, and I love the show). It feels like she's spending more time in time out than with us in the evenings when I pick her up from school.  

This, too, shall pass.  Right? RIGHT?! 

We got her pictures with Santa back yesterday, and it really just summed up how this week has been going.  I photographed it side by side with last year's.  See a difference?

What a difference a year makes...

What a difference a year makes...

This one is Ian's fault.  He was complaining to a friend of ours that, since Daphne seems to have no Stranger Danger, we'd never get the kid screaming on Santa's lap picture.  Congrats, honey. Wish granted. 

Fiona photobomb

Fiona photobomb

This was how cute she was being when I dropped her off that morning.  LOOK AT THAT OUTFIT.  JUST BASK IN IT. What happened, kid? We might have another shot at this over the weekend so keep your fingers crossed for us.

Yes, at the moment I'm ready to stick my head in the sand and have somebody dig me out when it's over. *Sigh*

Before the drama of the last couple of days, we'd been enjoying a really nice visit from my dad and stepmom.  Maybe she just misses them, they were awfully good to her.  They bought her a bunch of new clothes and shoes and... wait for it....


MOTORIIIIIIIN'...... WHAT'S YOUR PRICE FOR.... oh god... Stop me. Seriously.

I suppose there were warning signs.  Saturday we went to the AKC Eukanuba Dog show.  Daphne Doolittle, lover of canines, surely this would be her Mecca, no? 

Not... entirely.  Although she loved the dogs, the instant she was asked to do anything that wasn't her idea, meltdown.  I took her to the bathroom to change her, while washing my hands she started playing with the buckles on her strollers.  When I tried to take her hand to lead her out of the bathroom? Meltdown. Epic proportions.  We were in the bathroom for close to 10 minutes while she screamed at me.  Then during lunch? Sweetness and smiles for everybody (it is remarkable what pizza can accomplish for this kid's attitude).  

We met up with the grandparents for lunch at Antonio's.  I broke out Daphne's Kindle to entertain her with YGG so we could enjoy our meal in peace.  She proceeded to ASTOUND me by participating in the "funny faces" segment for the first time.  

Funny Faces!

Funny Faces!

After lunch we crossed the street to Lake Lily park.  Oh my god the ducks! Daphne's quacks may have been a bit... menacing but they didn't seem to bother the ducks.  Just listen to her dulcet tones and she brings the fowl under the power of her will...

The playground was pretty great with lots of stuff good for Daphne's size/motor skill level.  The slide was just the right height for her, and she managed to climb the ladder thing to get up to it with minimal help from me.  The favorite was the swing, of course, which she pitched a fit over having to leave in order to give other kids a turn (*sigh*).  

Daphne's extensive interest in both our Christmas Tree lights and the outside lights led us to believe that this year's visit to our neighborhood "house that goes insane at christmas" would be a good one.  We were not disappointed.  


This little neighborhood off Howell Branch has one house in particular that goes absolutely BANANAS (they left tacky behind long ago and have graduated to a level of light and decoration saturation that has to be seen to be believed).  They even left the front door to their house open so you could look inside at the no less than 5 lit Christmas trees visible from the entryway. One of them was a rotating color fiberoptic Christmas Tree.  My nerd heart bled with envy. 

Although the primary house (the glow of which can be seen almost from Semoran) is great, my favorite part of going down there is that their whole little neighborhood gets in on the action, making the loop around it the perfect little walk with your family.  There's a house toward the end that has a toy train set up in their garage complete with functioning waterfall and ski lift, as well as A SNOW MACHINE! Daphne got to experience her first "snow!"  She didn't quite know what to make of it.  

Next week's peanut issue might be delayed, as it's due on Christmas and I plan to be cooking ALL DAY.  Happy Holidays, and pray that we survive the evil teething.  





The Weekly Peanut, Issue 45- MERRY XMAS EVE, Y'ALL

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