Just starting out at MinkFlamingos? Want to see what I'm all about? Check out the articles below for a sampler of the most popular pieces published here.

     "Honest Parenting" was the initial goal for MinkFlamingos.  My daughter came into this world trying to kill me and hasn't really stopped.  It's still worth every moment.  

          Post Traumatic Birth Disorder My action-packed birth story
          Birth Story Revisited My husband was kind enough to write a guest post, providing a rare insight into the husband's side of birth
          I'm In Your Relationship... Dropping Bombs Newborns place an incredible strain on the strongest of relationships, here's a healthy dose of perspective
          What's [Who You] Love Got to Do With It? In which I tackle my disappointment in NOT being able to raise a gay son
          The Best Piece of Parenting Advice I've Received
          It Gets Better (Parenting Addition)
          Worst Case Scenario How can you cope when the Worst Case Scenario is beyond your abilities?
          Everything Is Magic (Through a Child's Eyes) Disney helps our family make Magical Memories

     Parenting and entertainment collide as my family descends into Annual-passholder Disney obsession. 

          Parent's Guide to Disney Heroines Visits to the parks showed me the new level of hero-worship surrounding Disney's leading ladies.  Created a rubric to evaluate those ladies' role model value, and ranked them. 
          Disney Villain Countdown  Readers demanded a villain ranking to follow the Heroines countdown.  

 The Weekly Peanut
     TWP started when my daughter was 7 months old as a way to help keep all our out of town relatives up-to-date on the happenings and developmental milestones of my daughter.  It has evolved to be a brutally honest weekly diary into raising a high-energy, action and adventure craving little toddler.  

          TWP Issue 5 Daphne goes to sci-fi conventions, sidewalk art festivals, and becomes The Cookie Thief at day care
          TWP Issue 13 In which I get medical proof that my daughter is a drama queen
          TWP Issue 21 Happy Birthday, Peanut!
          TWP Issue 40 Tackling Magic Kingdom with a Toddler,
          TWP Issue 63 D's first Princess encounters



     While struggling to find a foothold in parenting a baby, our family found ourselves in the unenviable situation of facing cancer in our "firstborn" furbaby.  

           Five Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Six Hundred Minutes Mentally tackling a cancer diagnosis
           Playing the Odds You can't rely on numbers or statistics in any kind of parenting
           Fin Tackling grief, saying Goodbye


Pop Culture & Social Commentary
     Important topics that are timely/relevant. 

           26 Acts In the wake of the Newtown, CT school shooting, a movement sprung up that moved me to
           26 Acts- The Journey 
           Twenty-Something/ Thirty-Something My views on aging have changed over the years
           Body Mod: My Living Canvas A Tattoo-d Mama