About Your Tour Guide

I teach at a Film School, and as a consequence I watch a lot of (mostly awful it seems) movies and get to call it job research.  I watch a lot of (probably awful, don't judge me) TV, and I recently became a parent.  I may be a teeny bit OCD, and that is nowhere more evident than in how I tackle my frequent visits to the Disney Parks with my annual pass.  I have a lot to say about all these topics, and anything else that goes floating around between my ear canals. My approach to this blog is to pursue a representation of honest parenting (it's not all sunshine and daisies, but sometimes it's rainbows). 

I take a LOT of pictures along the way (shooting Nikon D600, variety of lenses, ask if you're curious).

 If someone reads this and gets a chuckle or, even better, some really useful information, then I've reached my goal.  Hey, while you're at it, why not connect with me elsewhere? (those little links at the bottom of the page will link you to my Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and be sure to follow our Disney adventures on Instagram (or, in much much higher resolution, on Flickr)!


Why MinkFlamingos?

John Waters is one of my favorite directors.  Mink Flamingos is a play on one of his most controversial pieces,  Pink Flamingos.  Waters' pictures are funny, tacky, brash, and witty: all things I'm aiming for with this site.  Can you picture anything tackier than a plastic pink flamingo wrapped in a mink stole? Mink Stole is also an actress in many of Waters' pictures.  Did I mention I live in Florida? Home of the tacky pink flamingo lawn ornament.  Also my last name is Mink.  Ta. Da.


the Weekly Peanut - every Wednesday get a look into the life of my kid in photo-diary form. I've been faithfully updating since she was just a few months old. This is also a spot to get a peek into our almost weekly adventures at Walt Disney World and other central Florida attractions.

Retrospective - You new around here? Check out a sampling of direct links to some of my most popular posts since the site's inception.

Disney - The place for Non-TWP Disney related posts, including thoughts or recaps of specific activities at the parks as well as the (in?)famous Disney Heroine and Disney Villain countdowns.

Picture This - A tiny showcase of some of my favorite photos.

The Rest - this is the place for me to post incredibly thoughtful things that don't fall into one of the other categories listed below.